Eagle Haven “Tiny Home” Village; addressing homelessness

Dec 28, 2020

The Eagle Haven Tiny Home Village is located on the Lummi Nation Reservation in Washington State as part of a comprehensive housing solution to support the homeless, displaced and disadvantaged Lummi Tribal members in need of support.

Eagle Haven is a Lummi Stepping Stones 501(c)(3) nonprofit program, fiscally sponsored by the Lhaq’temish Foundation, that aims to provide affordable housing and the opportunity of self-sufficiency on the Lummi Nation Reservation for tribal members struggling with housing instability.

Eagle Haven offers 26 high quality custom tiny homes that includes all the amenities found in a full size home, including a kitchen, full size bathroom, and washer and dryer. Eligibility requirements for residency include a background check, monthly rental contribution, an agreement to abide by tenant rules and responsibilities, and a commitment to drug and alcohol free living.

Source: https://www.operationtinyhome.org/dignity-housing-for-native-americans

Press Release: Eagle Haven Cottage Village, Lummi Stepping Stones

Lhaqtemish Foundation Press Release

December 28, 2020

LUMMI, WA – WA State Department of Commerce – 2020 Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Cottage Communities Funding Round – Award $2,493,885 for Eagle Haven Cottage Village of Lummi Nation

The Lummi Stepping Stones, fiscally sponsored by the Lhaq’temish Foundation, a tribal nonprofit organization, of the Lummi Nation, manages and operates the Eagle Haven Cottage Village.

Chairman Lawrence Solomon, of the Lummi Indian Business Council shares, “The Lummi Indian Business Council of Lummi Nation wishes to address the homelessness crisis in a meaningful way.”

The Eagle Haven Village is a permanent supportive housing project that will provide cottage style homes for individuals experiencing homelessness. Eagle Haven will serve homeless Native Americans, with priority given to Lummi tribal members.

Eagle Haven is a cottage style, supportive housing project that will also revitalize an existing RV park, owned by the Lummi Nation.  This project will be a fully gated village, that consists of 25 cottages, and rehabilitation of an existing building, which is intended to be a community building.  Each unit will include a full bathroom and kitchenette.  With a portion of the building set aside for emergency housing, office space for a behavioral health services, as well as a small group gathering space for residents and their families.

Partnership helps build community, as Candice Wilson, the Executive Director of the Lhaq’temish Foundation, describes, “I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for our partner in this project, the Opportunity Council, for assisting the Lhaq’temish Foundation in securing the grant for the Housing Trust Fund known as Cottage Communities.”  The capacity building partnership will continue working together to provide management training in wrap-around services, with success coaches, to oversee the permanent supportive housing project.  Council member Nickolaus Lewis, the lead of the Lummi Stepping Stones Project, enthusiastically shares, “This endeavor is truly lead by passionate community members!  They will continue to aid, enhance and support the goal and mission of our Peoples journey to wellness.”

The site is located at the corner of Chachosen Way (Haxton Way) and Smokehouse Road, within the boundaries of the Lummi Reservation. This property is on a public transportation route, with easy access to health, employment and social services.

Lummi Nation - Eagle Haven - tiny home village