Lummi COVID-19 Community Response – Resilience Fund

Mar 31, 2020

Che Shesh Whe Wheleq

We are survivors of the flood – our community and our people are resilient, and we have worked since time immemorial to ’Preserve, Protect and Promote our Schelangen.’

Resilience Fund: Lummi COVID-19 Response

Lhaq’temish Foundation UPDATE

March 31, 2020

On Friday, March 13th, 2020, the Lhaq’temish Foundation jumped on board with Whatcom Community Foundation in support of their “Resilience Fund” campaign in response to COVID-19 (C-19). It is with much gratitude and appreciation that they have offered to partner with us to help our communities prepare and respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

Since then the Lhaq’tmish Foundation has had the opportunity to align the mission with the “Resilience Fund” and the ability to provide the Lummi community lens to the philanthropic outreach. In doing so, we have sent out a situation letter to our contacts to provide information of what we face in our tribal community. The disproportionate healthcare disparities[1] in our community is real and unfortunate.

Our LF Team has aggressively organized to seek and pursue emergency funds, to increase our bandwidth in providing up-to-date communication to our contacts and provide them with an easier access to donate funds. This includes the design, development and launch of: webpage, account ecommerce (online payments) setup for nonprofits, and soon the launch for a list-mailserver to keep our funders and supporters updated of what we are doing in our community to take care of our people. Although these are small steps, it will ensure we are leaving a big impact for the Lummi People. These new strategies will allow us to better communicate with you and how your contributions are better serving our community at large.

The media and press releases have been helpful to communicate to the broader community and to elevate our story with “Lummi COVID-19 Response.” It is important to convey the message and opportunity to invite others to help, to share the reference of the Lhaq’temish Foundation “Resilience Fund: Lummi COVID-19 Response.”

The primary ‘Lummi COVID-19 Response’ areas of focus: Field hospital, medical and public health operations. Homelessness, shelter, displaced and transition people. Food security, childcare, students, college students, young parents, infants & children, expectant mothers, transportation, medial services and appointments, and the list goes on.