Lummi Nation students talk with NASA astronaut who worked with their experiment on ISS

Feb 10, 2023

There were some “out of this world” moments Friday at the University of Washington for students from the Lummi Nation School in Bellingham.

Students got to talk with Josh Cassada, a NASA astronaut orbiting about 250 miles up on the International Space Station. He worked with a science project that Lummi students sent up to the ISS.

“Josh was the one who was the first one to interact with our experiment, so that was cool to see the person who actually interacted with our experiment,” said 11th grader Tony Cline.

“Not too many people get a project on the Space Station. They got a project on the Space Station, they went to a launch, that’s going to stick with them forever,” said Kristi Morgansen, director of the Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium.

The Lummi students sent up a microgravity experiment using seeds from a plant known as Devil’s Club, which has long had medicinal uses for tribes across the Pacific Northwest.