Our Programs

The Lhaq’temish Foundation provides support to the Lummi Community through projects that fill the gaps left by tribal programs as well as supporting tribal community groups and programs that serve the mission of promoting our Schelangen.  The Lhaq’temish Foundation has six main areas of focus:

Art and Culture Program- Lhaq'temish Foundation

Art & Culture

A tribal culture is visually demonstrated through their artistic expression and many of the teachings of a culture are learned through learning the arts – the importance of this cultural circle cannot be discounted.  The Lhaq’temish Foundation supports the learning, teaching and expression of the Lummi culture and its many expressions.

  • Canoe Journeys
  • House of Tears
  • Language
  • Lummi Art Association
  • Traditional Smokehouses

Youth & Education

The teachings of our ancestors tell us that the youth are our future and when we commit to them and their education they will survive this modern experience with our values intact.  The Lhaq’temish Foundation is committed to supporting our youth in becoming the leaders of tomorrow with a wide range of projects/programs.

  • Blackhawk Singers
  • Canoe Clubs
  • Xwlemi Snowboard Family
  • Rockets and Robotics
  • Lummi Youth Academy
Veterns Program - Lhaq'temish Foundation

Lummi Veterans

The native representation in all of the armed forces is far greater than demographics would estimate, as the calling of warrior is held in high honor.  Our Lummi Veterans are held in this place of honor and the Lhaq’temish Foundation works to support our veterans by supporting the annual Stommish Water Carnival, which was established in honor of the return of our World War II veterans and by supporting veterans’ services.

  • Stommish
  • Lummi Veterans
Health and wellness Program - Lhaq'temish Foundation

Health & Wellness

Our ancestors knew that our survival would require health services, education and our culture.  The Lhaq’temish Foundation is committed to maintaining these essential services for the Lummi Community.  The foundation has been instrumental in responding to COVID, supporting addiction recovery, food sovereignty, as well as supporting expanded dental services and holistic youth health services.

  • COVID Response
  • Dental Projects
  • Youth Wellness Center
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Journey to Wellness/Recovery groups
  • Food Sovereignty
women empowerment program - Lhaq'temish Foundation


The cornerstone of all tribal nations is the women.  The Lhaq’temish Foundation takes the commitment to our women to heart by supporting families of missing and murdered indigenous women and children, supporting our women recovering from domestic violence and by empowering our women to be all that they are.

Homelessness Program - Lhaq'temish Foundation

Community Service

The greatest vocation is to be called to serve one’s community.  The Lhaq’temish Foundation seeks to serve the Lummi Community in meaningful ways – through responding to public health emergencies of COVID, homelessness and housing needs, by supporting our wonderful commodity foods team and through advancing self-sufficiency through expansion of solar energy.  Our hands reach out in service to our community.

  • Homelessness
  • Elder Home Repairs
  • Solar Projects
  • Emergency Response – flood, COVID

The Lhaq’temish Foundation is proud to continue serving as a support system to build a healthy, giving, and prosperous community.